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Our Story

As a homeowner, have you ever spent the day waiting around for the repairman or the cable guy? As a small, on the go business owner, have you ever struggled to calculate accurate arrival times to a customer's home, or felt the pain of hearing the phone ring when you're trying to spend quality time with family? Routezilla was created to heal this relationship between the contractor and the consumer!

The founder of Routezilla, Robert Ducharme, created the beta version of Routezilla out of necessity. He was the owner of a small on the go, irrigation and landscaping service company and found that without the ability to automate booking and routing of his customers, his admin costs and travel costs were eating away any profits, and customers were left disatisfied with their service experience. However, when he went looking for a software solution, he spent hours looking at different systems, on the phone with sales people getting demos of different products, and generally found that most calendar systems were built for hair salons or dentist offices or had complex accounting and customer database management tools attached.

Fast forward 2 years and the Routezilla is accepting bookings and routing customers, cutting Robert's admin costs in half and growing his business by 50%! So, rather than keep this to himself, he decided to make Routezilla a reality for other small service companies that struggle with the same problems.

Now contractors from anywhere in the world can sign up for a free trial of Routezilla and get started right away! Routezilla is simple to use and easy to set up. The idea was not to take business owners away from running their business for more than 5 minutes, and that's what we've done. We are also passionate about making Routezilla better! We love hearing from our customers about what they like about Routezilla, but more importantly what they don't like. That's the only way we can improve Routezilla and make it best solution for everyone.


Routezilla Co-Founders (from left to right): Robert Ducharme (CEO), Kenneth Ngyou (CTO), Brent Ducharme (Design)

The Routezilla Team






"We love hearing from our customers what they like about Routezilla, but more importantly, what they don't like! That's the only way we can improve Routezilla and make it the best solution for everyone."